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Magical Tree House Children’s Books

Jack and Annie are two regular kids from Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. They discover a tree house packed with mysterious books on different subjects. With each book they travel through time and space having amazing adventures. They watch baby dinosaurs hatch, find secret passages in castles, help an Egyptian ghost queen in an ancient pyramid and find pirate treasure. The Magic Tree House Series is a favorite at my house.


Dinosaurs Before Dawn is the first installment of the series. Jack and Annie discover the tree house and find out the books can transport them to magical times and places. With the first book they learn about dinosaurs in the Cretaceous Period.


The Knight at Dawn transports Jack and Annie back to medieval times. They explore a big castle but find themselves on the run from castle guards. They wonder how they will ever get back to the tree house.


Mummies in the Morning takes Jack and Annie to ancient Egypt, where they enter a pyramid and get lost. They find the ghost of an Egyptian queen who has been trapped inside the pyramid for many years and it’s up to Jack and Annie to set her free.


Jack and Annie are captured by pirates in Pirates Past Noon. Their captor, Captain Bones, is seeking the treasure of Captain Kidd and they have no choice but to go along for the journey.

Each chapter is fairly short with a lot of pictures, which is a real plus for kids just beginning to read chapter books. I think it’s important for children to find reading fun and The Magic Tree House Series is a simple and fun introduction to chapter books! They are an interesting mix of fiction and nonfiction, making them educational and entertaining.

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Age Range: 2nd – 5th grade
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