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Misting Lounge Chair

chair3Stay cool on hot days with a misting chair by the pool or in the backyard for a tan.  This lounge chair is perfect for summer because it’s all about comfort.

I bought a misting lounge chair a month ago in anticipation of warmer weather and I’ve been really happy with it.  It’s a simple, comfortable design that does what it promises.  It keeps you cool by spraying a fine, continuous mist that also makes tanning quicker as the misting water refracts sunlight.


A friend of mine tried it and wanted to buy one but she lives in an apartment and thought she wouldn’t be able to connect the chair to a hose (that’s where the water comes from).  She liked the chair so much she bought an adapter that connects a garden hose to her kitchen faucet and uses the chair on the uncovered portion of her patio.


Here are the details on the Cooling Sunsation website:

    “A fine mist of refreshing water sprays all over your body.

   The cool mist refracts sunlight, increasing the sun’s tanning effect.

   Tan in less time, minimizing exposure to potentially harmful UV rays.

   Keep your skin hydrated and your body temperature even.

   No more baking for hours under the hot sun to get a beautiful tan.

   Quickly turn the mist on or off with the finger-tip control valve.

   Cooling SUNsation’s control valve connects to any garden hose.

   The Ostrich chaise lounge is specifically designed for sunbathing.

   Be comfortable on your stomach thanks to face & arm cavities.

   A soft face pillow increases comfort when tanning on your stomach.

   There is also a soft head pillow for tanning while lying on your back.”

Check out the website


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