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2013 Spring Makeup Trends

mtrendspring4Red Lips

Yes, red lipstick has endured the test of time.  While trends come and go, it remains fashionable to stay in the red.  Lighten it up a bit from the wintry red lip and you can’t go wrong.

Burberry has recently featured models in creamy scarlet on the runway, and Prada’s makeup artist extraordinaire, Pat McGrath, has been using matte crimson.  This season’s hot hues include pinkish-red at Oscar de la Renta’s shows, true reds on Jean Paul Gaultier’s runways, orange-red for Akris models and dark, black cherry red with a hint of purple for Jonathan Saunder’s look.

mtrendspring5Full, Bushy and Bold Brows!  AKA Cara Delevingne Brows!

Big beautiful brows are in this year.  Even if yours don’t meet the “bold” standard, there are ways to fake the big look.  A handy tip is to brush brow hairs downward to find your natural brow shape, then fill in gaps or thin areas with pencil or eye shadow.  Use short, light strokes- you want the look of full brows but not caked on makeup.  One last tip: brown mascara gives brows a major boost in fullness and texture.

Blue and Green Eye Shadow

mtrendspring1Turquoise, aqua, jade and sea greens  have generated a lot of buzz on the runways lately.  Think of the Mediterranean when you envision this look.  Heavy-handed blue or green eye shadow that may be appropriate for the runway isn’t necessarily the look you want for every day life.  Come up with a splash of color that will pop but won’t turn you into dear Mimi (pictured).


mtrendspring3Heavy On The Eyeliner

Softly smudged outlines swept the shows of Roberto Cavalli, Lanvin, BCBG and Chanel.


Lush lashes have been a must on the runways.  But isn’t this the case for most women year round, every year?  Instead of opting for a set of false lashes, experiment with different types of mascara until you find mtrendspring2the one that suits you.  If you’re still feeling low about your lashes, consider eyelash extensions.


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