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My bathroom cabinet is full of beauty products: hair-care, skincare and makeup, all of which have ingredients I can’t pronounce let alone tell you what they are or what they do.  I’m going to go off topic for a moment here and mention that I have been trying to lose weight since I had my son.  While I was at the gym recently I overheard someone (who was super fit) giving another gym-goer some advice: he said, “If it’s man-made, spit it out!”  Well, apart from making me think about packaged, preservative laden food it also made me think about the products I put on my skin and hair every day.  Our skin isn’t plastic, right?  It’s the body’s largest organ.  I’m not even close to ready to give up my makeup and the moisturizers that have served me so well, but I have cycled out my skincare routine for a natural alternative for a few weeks to see what happens.  I’ve been using Quantum Nutrition Labs’ Colostrum Repair Cream in my experiment.  It’s an organic (toxic free, paraben free, synthetic additive free) moisturizing cream that’s supposed to improve the appearance and feel of skin.  I’ve only been using the cream for week and it reacts differently with my skin from my other non-organic, synthetic skincare products.  It seems to sink into my skin instead of just sitting on the surface.  Because of this I have also been applying a modest amount an hour or so before putting on my makeup as it doesn’t make my skin too greasy for reliable foundation coverage.  So far, I’m pretty happy with it.

Take a look at your skincare products’ ingredients and consider trying a natural skincare approach for a while.  Since trying to lose weight I’ve had to give up man-made, chemically preserved foods and adopt whole foods which have greatly improved my results, it only made sense to try the same approach with my skin.  I found the Colostrum Repair Cream I’ve been using on for $19.96, or just enter “organic skincare” in your browser and tens of thousands of options will become available.

colostrum repair cream


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