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Personalized Children’s Books

I recently bought a fully personalized book for my son from Storyized.  Their children’s safety books have personalized text and illustrations.  The book I purchased is titled “Lose Me NOT!” that teaches children how to remember their address, telephone number and what to do if they get lost.  My son was so excited to see himself and his name in a picture book that learning became fun instead of boring.  Storyized books are made-to-order and are of high professional quality, with thick glossy pages and a beautiful hardcover.

How it works: I sent a picture of myself and my son to Storyized along with our names and information pertinent to the book’s text.  Artists hand-painted us into the illustrations, the text was changed to include our names and information and then the book was published and shipped.  It took about two weeks for the entire process.  The illustrations of me and my son were beautiful and spot-on.

Lose Me NOT! teaches young children their address, their parents’ phone number and what to do if they wander off and get lost.  It illustrates and discusses the typical ways most children get lost.


Take Me NOT! tells children how to stay safe and avoid strangers when they’re not in their parents’ care without being too scary.  The illustrations are of common places kids may encounter strangers and how to best handle the situation if they are approached.


Bully Me NOT! is about bullying, how to prevent it and how to stop it from continuing to happen.  It talks about bullies’ motivations to come to a better understanding of why they pick on others and how to appropriately cope and even stop their abuse.


These are examples I took from, showing how a child’s picture becomes part of the story.


Your child’s photograph

lose me not book

The illustration of your child

For more information on these personalized children’s books visit:

Lose Me Not!

Take Me NOT!

Bully Me NOT!


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