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2013 Shoe Trends

2013 Shoe Trends


Colorful Kicks

Colorful footwear is in this year.  The popular colors include: coral, mint, pale pinks, baby blue, soft purple and light yellow.  Pastels and vibrant colors will line the shelves in 2013.


Bold Print Wedges

Wedges sporting thick straps in bold print and/or decorated cork bottoms.  I’m seeing influences from the past in this look.


Ankle Strap Heels

I’ve seen tabloid pictures of Rihanna heading off to clubs in feminine ankle strap heels before the “trend” really started.  I thought how long and thin they made her feet look (well, she is long and thin to begin with, but the shoes are still darling).


Color Block

What are color blocked shoes, you ask?  Think of lime heels, orange straps and pink uppers.  If that’s not enough for you, there are plenty of color combinations to choose from this year.  Mixing patterns is “in” as well, pairing zebra print heels with blue leather toes and snakeskin toes and alligator heels to name two examples of this trend.


Floral Print

Yes, I know, it’s spring and floral prints are always semi-popular this time of year.  But have a look around and you’ll notice an upswing in shoes with floral patterns.


Shiny Shoes

Metallic shine, pearl gloss, iridescent finishes and shoes in any material that shimmers.


Wedge Sneaker

Sporty and unusual, the trend is in full swing backed by big name celebrities.  They are both casual and cool.


Pointed Toe Pumps

Did this timeless style ever go out of Vogue?

Click on the pictures for details on each shoe


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