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Laser Projection Keyboard

5FBD13E494CF43DAAA8063382555A0DBDo you ever find yourself needing to type a long, detailed message on your smart phone or tablet?  The onscreen keyboards are often small and the individual keys are difficult to press.  A projection keyboard and multi-touch mouse may be of interest to you.

I’m surprised this product hasn’t become more popular.  I don’t turn out text messages very quickly, and they’re usually riddled with typing errors I wouldn’t normally make on a full size keyboard.  I don’t always text where a flat surface is available, but if I was sitting at a desk or table I would definitely use a laser light-projected keyboard.

This product would also make traveling easier.  Leaving my laptop at home would be one less thing to pack.  I could just drop the laser cube and phone in my purse and that’s all I would need.  A desk, table or pull down tray on a plane or train would provide the flat surface necessary.  Whenever I’ve been on a plane I haven’t taken out my laptop because it always seems too cramped and inconvenient should I or the person I’m sitting next to have to get up or have a glass of water.


 “The electronic perception technology watches your fingers move and translates that into keystrokes in the device. It can also do mouse functions so you get the ease of a full-size keyboard, but it appears anywhere you want to use it.”


e722_cube_laser_virtual_keyboard_for_iphone_inuseIf you’re interested in learning more about this product visit:


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