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Wedge Sneaker: Cute or NOT?

Wedge sneakers are hugely popular this year, but are they just an ugly trend?

img-thingThe first time I saw a pair of wedge sneakers I had to stop and take a closer look.  I couldn’t figure out if I liked them or not.  They’re not a practical sneaker and they’re not a dressy high heel either.  They fall somewhere in between.  However, they can be dressed up with a pair of satin shorts and a blouse or dressed down with cutoffs and a tank top.  But why?  Do they look any better with those satin shorts than a pair of sandals?  They look sporty but you can’t run in them.  Are they good for anything, or do they just look cool?


I still couldn’t decide if I liked them or not so I had to try them on.  Now I’m not the thinnest person around but I’m not the thickest either, and when I tried them on they made my legs look much chunkier than they actually are.  I’ve seen pictures of supermodels wearing them and their legs seem to go on and on but they managed to make my legs look like I gained a few pounds.  The problem is they tend to have a high top and by hiding my ankles, the thinnest part of my legs, they look the same width all the way down.  Yikes, unless you’re very thin these may add a chunk factor to your fashion.

I also tried to think of places I would wear them.  The gym?  No way, I would break an ankle and other gym-goers would probably secretly laugh at me.  Out for a walk?  Not likely.  To work?  Not at my job.  Whenever I have the need for heels it’s to boost a dressy outfit, and when I wear sneakers it’s for physical activities.

Wedge_Sneakers1_blogcontent_pbI’ve asked other women what they think about the shoe and the general opinion is: functional and a cool spin on a classic sneaker.

I’ve asked men their opinion on the sneaker wedge: ridiculous.



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